Thorne Vitamin D Review: Is Thorne Vitamin D Worth Your Money?

Maintaining adequate Vitamin D levels is crucial for overall health, but with so many supplement options, is a premium brand like Thorne worth the investment? This in-depth review provides an unbiased look at Thorne Vitamin D to determine if it deserves a place in your wellness regimen.

As a leader in high-quality nutritional supplements, Thorne utilizes premium ingredients, advanced delivery methods, and rigorous testing to create what many consider the gold standard for purity and effectiveness. Keep reading to explore Thorne’s signature Vitamin D3 supplement and whether it provides superior value to support your unique health goals.

What is Thorne Vitamin D?

Thorne Vitamin D is a dietary supplement providing 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 in each small, easy-to-absorb gel capsule. As a fat-soluble vitamin, D3 requires an oil suspension, which Thorne’s product delivers in a liquid in a softgel form.

Thorne Vitamin D is manufactured by Thorne Research, a U.S. based supplement company known for their exceptionally pure, potent nutritional products. Thorne’s vitamin D uses D3 rather than D2, which studies show is the preferable form with greater bioavailability and efficacy in raising blood levels.

Who Should Take Thorne Vitamin D?

Thorne Vitamin D can benefit certain individuals who need supplemental vitamin D to meet their recommended daily intake, which may include the following groups.

  • Older adults over 50 at higher deficiency risk
  • People with digestive disorders impacting nutrient absorption
  • Those with limited sun exposure due to climate, skin tone, or lifestyle
  • Athletes and active individuals needing extra for performance
  • Anyone identified with a vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency

How Does Thorne Vitamin D3 Compare to Vitamin D2?

Thorne Vitamin D uses the D3 form (cholecalciferol) rather than D2 (ergocalciferol). Research shows D3 raises blood levels more effectively as it has a chemical structure closer to the D3 our skin naturally produces. D2 also requires conversion to usable D3 by the liver and is more prone to degradation. So Vitamin D3 more directly boosts levels. Unless deficient in D2 specifically, D3 is preferred.

Is Thorne Vitamin D Vegetarian?

No, Thorne Vitamin D3 is not vegetarian or vegan friendly. As a fat-soluble vitamin, D3 requires an oil for absorption, so Thorne uses a softgel capsule made of gelatin for delivery. Vegans can opt for a lanolin-sourced D3 supplement for a plant-based alternative.

Is Thorne Vitamin D Vegetarian
Is Thorne Vitamin D Vegetarian?

Is Thorne Vitamin D Good?

Yes, Thorne Vitamin D is widely regarded by experts as an exceptional vitamin D supplement. It uses the evidence-backed D3 form and provides it in the recommended highly absorbable oil format. On Amazon, the Vitamin D has a 4.8 average review and a 4.5 average review on their website.

Thorne’s stringent manufacturing standards and purity testing ensure maximum potency and stability. The high 5,000 IU dosage also facilitates quickly restoring vitamin D levels when deficient.

How Does Thorne Vitamin D Rate With Consumers?

Based on online reviews, Thorne Vitamin D is highly rated by most consumers. They praise the pure formula, noticeable benefits for deficiencies, and Thorne’s brand reputation. Some note the high price but say the quality is worth it long-term.

A few reviews mention large pills being hard to swallow. Overall, customer sentiment indicates Thorne Vitamin D delivers excellent results for improving and maintaining D levels.

What Do Independent Thorne Vitamin D Reviews Say?

Trustworthy supplement rating sites consistently rank Thorne Vitamin D as one of the top vitamin D products. It earns high marks for the bioactive D3 form, the oil-based softgels for enhanced absorption, and Thorne’s stringent purity testing.

Many reviews cite Thorne’s stellar reputation for quality assurance within the supplement industry. Critical reviewers mainly take issue with the premium pricing, while acknowledging the formula itself is excellent.

What Does Thorne Vitamin D Taste Like?

Thorne Vitamin D softgels will not have any evident taste when swallowed, since the liquid vitamin D3 oil inside has no flavor. The softgel outer shell also masks any taste.

Some vitamins or oils can have mild aftertastes, but consumer reviews don’t mention this being an issue with Thorne’s D3 capsules. Overall, they can be taken without any unpleasant vitamin flavor.

What are the Benefits of Thorne Vitamin D?

When taken consistently at the recommended dosage, Thorne Vitamin D provides many benefits.

  • Building and maintaining strong, healthy bones by aiding calcium absorption
  • Supporting muscle mass, strength, and function
  • Bolstering immunity through immune cell regulation
  • Supporting cognitive function and mood
  • Promoting cardiovascular health by influencing blood pressure
  • Reducing risk of deficiency in at-risk populations like the elderly
  • Potentially lowering risk of respiratory infections, autoimmune issues, and chronic disease

How Fast Does Thorne Vitamin D Work?

With daily use, Thorne Vitamin D can start raising vitamin D blood levels within the first 1-2 weeks. However, it can take 2-3 months to fully replenish vitamin D stored in the body’s tissues to optimal status above 30 ng/ml.

Once restored, continued Thorne Vitamin D supplementation helps maintain healthy levels long-term. Those severely deficient may need prescription strength dosing.

When Will I Feel the Effects of Thorne Vitamin D?

Some positive effects like improved mood and immunity may become noticeable within several weeks of starting Thorne Vitamin D. However, the full effects for bone health, muscle function, and chronic disease risk reduction build over time.

Don’t expect overnight results. Allow at least 2-3 months to restore optimum vitamin D status and experience the full spectrum benefits of Thorne’s supplement.

What are the Risks or Side Effects of Thorne Vitamin D?

When used properly, Thorne Vitamin D is generally very safe and well-tolerated. However, there are some potential side effects to be aware of.

  • Taking excessively high doses over 10,000 IU long-term can cause vitamin D toxicity.
  • May interact with certain medications like steroids, cholesterol drugs, blood thinners, and anti-seizure medication.
  • Allergic reactions are possible if allergic to gelatin capsules or vitamin D3.
  • Minor side effects like headache, nausea, constipation at very high doses.
  • Can raise calcium levels, so those with hypercalcemia should use caution.

Can You Take Too Much Thorne Vitamin D?

Yes, it’s possible to take too much Thorne Vitamin D. Mega-dosing for extended periods can lead to excess calcium buildup and associated symptoms like nausea, confusion, and irregular heartbeat.

Can You Take Too Much Thorne Vitamin D
Can You Take Too Much Thorne Vitamin D?

Always follow dosage directions and consult your doctor regarding ideal vitamin D levels for you. Have bloodwork done periodically to check you’re not exceeding the upper Tolerable Upper Limit of 100 mcg (4,000 IU) daily.

What is the Recommended Dosage for Thorne Vitamin D?

The suggested dosage for Thorne’s Vitamin D supplement is 1 to 3 capsules daily, which delivers 5,000-15,000 IU. Dosing should be determined by your individual needs and guided by bloodwork.

Those severely deficient may temporarily take higher doses under medical supervision. For general wellness, 1-2 capsules per day is commonly adequate.

When is the Best Time to Take Thorne Vitamin D?

Thorne Vitamin D can be taken any time of day without issue as it is not photo-sensitive. Many take it in the morning for convenience and consistency.

Some research shows taking vitamin D with your largest meal may enhance absorption. For best results, be consistent each day.

Can You Take Thorne Vitamin D on an Empty Stomach?

Yes, Thorne Vitamin D softgels can be taken without food if needed for convenience without affecting absorption or impact. If stomach upset occurs, take with a meal.

While vitamin D is best absorbed with fat, Thorne’s oil capsules provide the needed fat source for good bioavailability even on an empty stomach.

How Much Does Thorne Vitamin D Cost?

A bottle of 60 Thorne Vitamin D3 softgel capsules costs approximately $18-22 USD depending on the retailer. With a 1-3 capsule per day dosage, one bottle provides a 1-2 month supply.

Compared to generic vitamin D supplement brands that cost $5-10, Thorne is priced higher. But it still costs less than many premium vitamin D products.

Is Thorne Vitamin D Expensive?

Relative to lower-end options, Thorne Vitamin D has a higher cost. However, given its high-quality patented formula, purity testing, and potent ingredients, it provides good value compared to other top shelf D3 supplements. For those needing to restore deficient levels, Thorne offers a cost-effective way to raise vitamin D quickly and effectively.

Is Thorne Vitamin D
Is Thorne Vitamin D Expensive?

Where Can I Buy Thorne Vitamin D and Thorne Supplements?

Thorne Vitamin D is widely available for purchase through the following channels.

  • Thorne Vitamin D can be purchased directly from Thorne’s website with all of the other Thorne supplements.
  • Online retailers like Amazon, iHerb, PureFormulas, and Vitacost that sell a broad range of Thorne products.
  • Some pharmacies, nutritionists, naturopaths, or functional medicine practitioners may supply Thorne supplements.

Does Amazon Sell Thorne Vitamin D?

Yes, Thorne Vitamin D is sold on Amazon in addition to other major Thorne supplements. Amazon offers free Prime shipping on Thorne Vitamin D orders over $25. One benefit of Amazon is the ability to easily compare Thorne Vitamin D pricing against other top rated vitamin D brands.

Is Thorne Vitamin D FDA Approved?

No, Thorne Vitamin D is not evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. As a dietary supplement, it does not require FDA approval before being sold.

However, Thorne’s manufacturing processes meet or exceed FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations. While not “approved” by the FDA, Thorne ensures the quality and purity of their vitamin D meets all federal regulatory standards.

Is Thorne Vitamin D NSF Certified for Sport?

Yes, Thorne Vitamin D carries the NSF Certified for Sport designation by the National Sanitation Foundation. This means it has been independently tested and deemed free of contaminants and safely compliant for use by professional and elite athletes.

The NSF Sport certification provides assurance to athletes that Thorne Vitamin D contains only the labeled ingredients without any banned substances that could cause a failed drug test.

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