Top 3 Best Estrogen Reducer Supplements for Men 40+

Estrogen is a key sex hormone that plays a role in just about every aspect of our lives. While estrogen is predominantly considered a woman’s hormone, men need certain amounts of it, too. The difference is that as we men start to get older, our hormone levels can become out of whack, leaving us with a plethora of unwanted side effects.

Guys who are concerned about estrogen levels as they age could benefit from the best estrogen reducer supplements. These all-natural options help restore an optimal hormone balance and combat symptoms of age-related estrogen rises, including the following:

  • Gynaecomastia (aka man boobs)
  • Mood swings and hot flashes
  • Low libido, erection difficulties, and/or fertility issues
  • Enlarged prostate (prostatic hypertrophy)
  • Sleeplessness or everyday fatigue

The best estrogen reducer options tend to have DIM. But that’s not necessarily true for everyone. That’s because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to crafting hormonal balance for every man out there. The best estrogen reducer for one guy, might not be the same for you.

Happily, as more men begin to take their overall health and well-being into their own hands, the options have dramatically increased. Crafting a custom plan for balancing hormones has never been so easy. We’ll take a closer look at some quality options you have for maintaining estrogen levels as you age.

What’s the Difference Between Estrogen Reducers & DIM Supplements?

Whether you’re looking to prevent age-related estrogen rises, or reverse unwanted side effects, there are plenty of game-changing options if you look hard enough. But before you start your search, you’ll need to know what the heck it is you’re even looking for.

The Best Estrogen Reducers Supplements vs Others

An estrogen reducer (antiestrogen) is a loose term for any supplement or medication that blocks estrogen receptors from producing too much estrogen as we age. The best estrogen reducers were originally designed for women combating breast health issues. These days those same prescription medications are often used “off-label” to address hormonal imbalances in men.

All-natural estrogen reducer supplements, like DIM (Diindolylmethane), work similarly by modulating estrogen levels; they’re also shown to support healthy testosterone levels in men. In most cases, a supplements marketed as an estrogen reducer will be an all-natural, over-the-counter option that produces long-term results without any prescription needed.

Estrogen reducer medications are often used “off-label” to help men:

  • Lower the production of functioning estradiol (bad estrogen) in the body.
  • Minimize aromatase excess (higher levels of estrogen) which can cause health concerns for aging men.
  • Bind to estrogen receptors to prevent estrogen from binding with each other.

Meanwhile, all-natural estrogen reducer supplements could help:

  • Inhibit an enzyme called aromatase (which converts testosterone to estrogen).
  • Encourage a better hormonal balance by naturally increasing free testosterone levels.
  • Stimulate the production of more beneficial types of estrogen for men (estrogen known as 2-hydroxyestrone).

A medical professional can help you determine which route to take depending on your individual situation, your current health status, and the goals you’d like to achieve.  If a man has a medical condition for which an estrogen blocker is recommended by a physician, however, no supplement can take its place. 

How We Chose the Best Estrogen Reducer Supplements for Men

We’ve established that for the average aging guy, all-natural supplements containing DIM might be the optimal route to take. The best estrogen reducer supplements offer long-term results without any prescription or unwanted side effects, making them the perfect fit for men looking to achieve a harmonious hormonal balance.

However, if you did a quick Google search for “best estrogen reducer”, you’d probably wind up with an overwhelming amount of options available to you. We know, because we did exactly that. We’ve gone through and found the best of the best estrogen reducer supplements currently on the market.

We’ve chosen our top 3 picks based on the following criteria:

  • Brand Trustability: We looked for only brands that have proven their dedication to providing real health benefits instead of those just looking to line their pockets.
  • Ingredients at Clinically Proven Doses: While the ingredients are important in any product, the purity and potency of a supplement is just as important.
  • Side-Effect-Free Formulas: We take health supplements to reduce or reverse unwanted side effects. We shouldn’t have to compromise on a product that will give you different issues.
  • Real-World User Reviews: We scoured the web to ensure that each option on our list is backed by positive feedback and repeat sales from customers that keep coming back for more.
  • Money Back Guarantee: We know that health supplements generally take time to work – anywhere from 4-6 weeks – so a product that is confident enough to offer a decent guarantee is a win in our book.

We’ve chosen all-natural and prescription-free options for our list. That’s because we feel that the best estrogen reducer supplements can achieve long-term benefits for the average aging male. With that being said, if you’re concerned about high estrogen or low testosterone levels, we encourage you to seek the advice of a medical professional.

Our Top 3 Picks for the Best Estrogen Reducer

Depending on your needs and goals, we feel that one of the below options could be the best estrogen reducer. Each has specific advantages that may have you leaning one way or another. Although we’ve done most of the research for you, it’s a good idea to do your own due diligence before opting for what you think will be the best estrogen reducer for you.

Our top 3 picks for the best estrogen reducers for men are:

Already have one in mind? Then feel free to skip ahead to take a more in-depth look. Otherwise, check out each of our best estrogen reducer options to make an informed decision about which might be the best route to take to help you achieve your end-goals.

#1 – PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X: Overall Best Estrogen Reducer


A custom dose of DIM can be tailored to your specific needs and goals. While PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X is primarily marketed to men over the age of 40, it’s a highly versatile option for men of all ages.

PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X helps inhibit “good” estrogen from converting into “bad” estrogen. In addition, this potent formula also supports healthy testosterone production. PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X could make the ideal option for guys who want to achieve total hormonal balance.

Here are just a few advantages to choosing PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X:

  • Combines the best estrogen reducer with testosterone support
  • Customizable 200mg-400mg daily dosage with added bio-enhancers
  • Dual-patented formula with triple absorption
  • Does not contain any gluten, soy, eggs, dairy, wheat, grain, sugar, or unnecessary preservatives.
  • 67-day money-back guarantee

You can easily see how PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X made it to our #1 spot for the overall best estrogen reducer. It’s a well-rounded formula that can easily be adjusted to your individual needs.

PrimeGENIX™ Brand Trustability

PrimeGENIX™ products are manufactured and sold under the Leading Edge Health umbrella. They’re considered top-tier sellers across platforms like Amazon and eBay, as well as their official website. They’re known for consistently delivering quality products and have exceptional customer service.

Leading Edge Health has been helping both men and women achieve optimal health through wellness supplements for over 20 years. They may not be the cheapest game in town but they offer key ingredients at optimal dosages to achieve maximum benefits with each product they sell.

With repeat customers in 130+ countries around the world, we’re confident that Leading Edge Health – and thus PrimeGENIX™ – is a brand that you can truly trust.

PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X Ingredients & Dosages

Every bottle of PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X contains 45-90 servings depending on your preferred dosage. You can take 1-2 vegetarian-friendly capsules per day (with meals) to achieve optimal long-term hormonal balance.

primegenix 3x dosage 1
PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X Ingredients & Dosages

Here’s what you’ll find inside the PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X formula:

  • DIM 200mg
  • AstraGin® 2.5mg
  • BioPerine® 2.5mg
  • Vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopheryl succinate) 30IU*

The PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X was extremely well thought out. It includes not one but two well-known bio-enhancers for maximum absorbency: AstraGin® and BioPerine®. In addition, it has a high dose of Vitamin E, which can act as an estrogen antagonist, making the formula potentially even more effective.1

*International Units (IU)

PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X User Reviews

We knew PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X has been selling like wildfire since its introduction into the market. But we were curious what people actually thought of this product. It turns out there were mostly good things to say. PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X has a high rating from users across the numerous platforms we checked out.

Here’s a small sampling of what we found:

You have to try DIM 3X! – Decided to try DIM 3X recently after discovering and researching into DIM and its effects on the body as we age. I am glad I did, within 1 short week of using the product I already started noticing more energy and stamina in my workouts and overall less slugging in my days.” – meow (verified Amazon purchase)

Being in my 60s… –  I was looking for something that’d help get more energy. When I learned about the effects of estrogen, it was a no brainer to buy DIM 3X. Glad I did, within only 2 weeks I’m already noticing significant changes.” – VM (verified Amazon purchase)

Solid supplement. – I use this in conjunction with the test boost and have had great results. No harsh side effects or sleepless nights. I have stronger drive and better workouts. The recovery aspect is what makes this worth it.” – John L DeSantis (verified Amazon customer)

Remember, it’s important to take any dietary aid (like the best estrogen reducer supplements on our list) for 4-6 weeks to see results. For example, one customer “didn’t notice any results” after trying the product for just 10 days. That’s one of the major reasons brands like PrimeGENIX™ offer 60+ day satisfaction guarantees.

PrimeGENIX™ Satisfaction Guarantee

PrimeGENIX™ has a 67-day satisfaction guarantee that rivals some of the other supplement brands we’ve seen. You can try any of their products, including DIM 3X, for a full 60 days (the equivalent of 2 containers). Here’s what the PrimeGENIX™ guarantee entails:

“If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, simply return the two empty containers within 67 days from the time of delivery for a full refund, excluding shipping charges. Additionally, any unopened containers you return, along with your first two opened containers within the 67-day money-back guarantee period, will also be eligible for a full refund.”

Remember, to get the full refund from PrimeGENIX™, shipments must be received back at the warehouse within 67 days of delivery, with no exceptions. For more information, contact a PrimeGENIX™ representative during extended business hours from 6am to 10pm, seven days a week.

PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X Pricing & Where to Buy

PrimeGENIX™ DIM 3X has a unique “buy more, save more” pricing strategy:

  • 1 Bottle (90 capsules): $59.95
  • 3 Bottles: $169.95 (Savings of $39.90)
  • 6 Bottles: $319.95 (Savings of $99.75)

Shoppers can save even more when they buy in bulk thanks to free shipping on orders of $200+ (limited time offer). Remember, you can open (and try) up to two containers within the 67-day trial period and still be eligible for the full money-back refund.

#2 –  Thorne® Hormone Advantage: Best Option for Prostate Health

Thorne® Hormone Advantage
Thorne® Hormone Advantage

At key dosages, DIM appears to be a promising agent for supporting a healthy prostate. By reducing oxidative stress and modulating inflammatory pathways, pomegranate has a ton of urologic health benefits for men, too.2 Finally, sulforaphane glucosinolate (broccoli) may also play a protective role in prostate health.3

You can see how Thorne® Hormone Advantage made it to our list for the best estrogen reducer. But there are some other advantages, too:

  • Inexpensive option for long-term use
  • Customizable serving sizes
  • Additional ingredients for guys with prostate concerns
  • Derived with natural flavors and colors and does not include gluten, soy, or dairy.
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee

Although Thorne® Hormone Advantage is a well-thought-out formula for prostate health, we would have really liked to see some type of bio-enhancer added to the mix. This would greatly enhance the effects of DIM. But because DIM is fat-soluble, taking your supplement with food can encourage added absorption.4

Thorne® Brand Trustability

After a decent amount of research, Thorne® seems to be a trustworthy brand. Their products all have a minimum of 4.5 stars across platforms like Amazon and eBay. In addition, the Thorne® website allows customers to review their products after purchase. All of the reviews on the official Thorne® site seem to be positive as well.

Thorne® Hormone Advantage Ingredients & Dosages

Every bottle of Thorne® Hormone Advantage comes with 30-60 servings based on your daily intake. The manufacturer recommends taking 1 (one) capsule 1-2 times per day with meals to achieve the best results possible.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the plant-based Thorne® Hormone Advantage formula:

  • Diindolylmethane (as DIM Crystalline) 150mg
  • Pomegranate Extract (whole fruit) 100mg
  • Sulforaphane Glucosinolate (from broccoli seed extract) 25mg

DIM Crystalline can be harder for the body to absorb, making the lower dose less effective than some of the others on our list.5 While we aren’t in love with the fact that DIM comes in the form of Crystalline in this formula, you can easily adjust your supplementation to accommodate. Just remember to never exceed the recommended dosage.

There are advantages to this supplement, too. By adding Pomegranate and Broccoli extract, Thorne® Hormone Advantage helps keep estrogen levels in check by encouraging healthy estrogen metabolism in men.11

Note: This product may cause a temporary and harmless change in urine color.

Thorne® Hormone Advantage User Reviews

Thorne® Hormone Advantage (formerly DIM Advantage) has a lot going for it, and customers are noticing. We scoured the internet in search of the latest info from real users. Here’s what we found:

Experienced a difference. – For me, this works well at a single use daily, and I have not experienced any negative side effects.” – Bekah F. (verified Thorne website purchase)

It works. – Definitely is assisting in maintaining my testosterone level.” – Dr. D Ivan Y. (verified Thorne website purchase)

Unexpected results. – I decided to try this after research and realizing I might have a hormone imbalance. Everything has changed in the last 2 months…even the amount of hair I was losing every time I washed my hair. I feel better in so many aspects. Worth every penny.” – KMDelgado80 (verified Amazon purchase)

Thorne® Hormone Advantage clearly has some positive benefits for both men and women based on user reviews alone. However, in our research, we did notice that some folks reported unwanted side effects. Whether these unwanted effects were caused by allergic reactions to ingredients or product misuse is unknown.

If you’re concerned about taking Thorne® Hormone Advantage or any of our other picks for the best estrogen reducer supplements, we encourage you to seek out advice from a medical professional before starting any supplementation.

Thorne® Satisfaction Guarantee

Thorne® offers a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. However, you are responsible for costs incurred in mailing your product and providing proof of purchase. Here’s what the Thorne® site has to say:

“If you’re not satisfied for any reason with a Thorne product you purchased from one of our authorized resellers, simply return it to the place of purchase for your money back, a store credit, or a replacement product.”

Submit your request within 60 days through the reseller you purchased from, via the Thorne® online form, or simply call 800-228-1966.

Thorne® Hormone Advantage Pricing & Where to Buy

Here’s how it works:

  • Buy 1 (one) bottle of Thorne® Hormone Advantage at regular price (currently $47 USD)
  • Get 10% off every refill purchase thereafter
  • Cancel or modify your order at any time
  • Qualify for free shipping on future orders
  • Plus, get 20% off when you subscribe to 3 (three) or more products

The Thorne® Hormone Advantage subscription plan is only available via the official website. However, as long as you buy from an authorized reseller, you can still take advantage of the 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

#3 –  Nutricost® DIM Capsules: Best for Estrogen Detoxification

Nutricost® DIM Capsules
Nutricost® DIM Capsules

Nutricost® DIM Capsules work to inhibit the body from producing an estrogen excess that can cause unwanted side effects.

There are a lot of other advantages to choosing Nutricost® DIM Capsules, too. Here are just a few reasons we’ve added this option on our list of the best estrogen reducer supplements.

  • Budget-friendly option for long-term use
  • High 300mg dose of DIM with the addition of BioPerine®
  • 3rd-party tested for potency and purity
  • Does not contain any of the 8 major food allergens (including milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans)
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee

Although you can get a very high dose of DIM with each capsule, it may actually be too high for some. And because you don’t have the option to customize dosages, Nutricost® DIM Capsules aren’t necessarily a good fit for everyone.

Nutricost® Brand Trustability

We really like the fact that Nutricost® DIM Capsules are made in a cGMP-compliant and FDA-registered facility. Nutricost® uses 3rd-party testing to ensure their products are at peak quality and potency. In addition, you won’t find any potentially harmful allergens, fillers, or byproducts in their health supplements.

Nutricost® DIM Ingredients & Dosages

Each bottle of Nutricost® DIM Capsules contains 120 servings. The manufacturer suggests taking just 1 (one) 300mg capsule each day to achieve long-term benefits.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the vegetarian-friendly Nutricost® DIM Capsules:

  • DIM (Diindolylmethane) 300mg
  • BioPerine® 5mg

This simple yet potent formula really packs a punch. Thanks to the addition of BioPerine®, Nutricost® DIM Capsules have a higher absorption rate than traditional DIM products.

Nutricost® DIM User Reviews

We scoured the web in search of reviews of Nutricost® DIM Capsules. We were surprised to learn just how much people seem to enjoy taking this supplement. Although we did find a few negative user reviews sprinkled here and there, the majority only had good things to say.

Here’s a sampling of why we chose Nutricost® DIM Capsules for our list of the best estrogen reducer supplements:

Good value. – Just what I was looking for, at a great price per tablet.” – Amazon Customer

The BEST Estrogen Blocker I have ever used. – I am on BioTe pellets, and anyone that uses the pellets takes DIM on a daily basis. For the longest time, I was just getting it from the doctor’s office and then I found this on Amazon. Now it is all I use, it works great, and I take it every single day. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone on pellets for sure.” – Matthew Randolph

Keep it going. –  I didn’t notice it until 2 weeks in. I can tell the hormone levels were more balanced. Worth it.” – Kev

We should note that while Nitricost® doesn’t have any official complaints with the BBB, the brand currently has a low 1 out of 5 stars on the BBB website. This rating is based solely on 2 customers who weren’t happy with the amount of time it took Nitricost® to return emails.

Nutricost® Satisfaction Guarantee

Nutricost® offers customers who want to try their products a full 60-day satisfaction guarantee. To be eligible for a refund or exchange, items after the first bottle must be in new condition. Here’s what the Nutricost® website had to say:

“In the unlikely event that you’re not completely satisfied with ANY Nutricost product, we don’t want to keep your money. Contact us, and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price (minus S&H).”

Note: If you purchased the $1.98 free returns for store credit + exchange protection at the original time of checkout, there is no cost to return the package. You will be able to submit a return and receive a pre-paid label through the return center. If you did not purchase return + exchange protection at the original time of checkout, you will be responsible for returning the product.

Nutricost® DIM Pricing & Where to Buy

Here’s how the Nutricost® DIM Capsules per-bottle pricing breaks down:

  • One-time purchase (120 capsules): $27.95
  • Monthly subscription (save 20%): $22.36

Orders over $59 USD are currently eligible for free shipping within the continental U.S. If you want to save on shipping and still qualify for the 60-day trial period, remember to only open one container within that time period.

Best Estrogen Reducer Q&A

Are you thinking of trying one of the best estrogen reducer supplements on our list? If so, you probably have a lot of questions before making your final decision. We’ll take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding these hormone balancing supplements so you can find the best route to take for your individual needs.

Who is a good candidate for estrogen reducers?

The best estrogen reducer supplements can be used by both men and women who are bothered by excess estrogen in their system, but are not suffering from a medical condition for which medical intervention has been diagnosed by a physician.

Can I get DIM from food?

Yes, you can get DIM from food, but likely not enough. There are certain foods that offer exceptionally high doses of DIM. Those include cabbage, broccoli, and other cruciferous vegetables. In addition to consuming estrogen-blocking foods, you can try to maintain a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and limiting alcohol intake to encourage optimal hormonal balance.

Does DIM have any unwanted side effects?

Yes, taking too high a dose of DIM has been known to cause gastrointestinal distress, hyponatremia, and headaches in certain individuals. In addition, less common side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and skin rash.

How much DIM is safe to take?

The amount of DIM that’s safe to take can vary from individual to individual. However, the best estrogen reducer supplements tend to stick to what’s scientifically substantiated (between 150mg-500mg) making them generally safe for most users.

When will I see the results from DIM?

Even the best estrogen reducer supplements take time to work. As a supplement builds in your system, you’ll start to see gradual yet progressive outcomes. Initial results can be seen anywhere from 2-3 weeks with optimal outcomes in 4-6 weeks.

Is DIM safe to take for long-term use?

Yes. In fact, the best estrogen reducer supplements require long-term use to maintain lasting outcomes. Once you stop taking any kind of dietary aid, the benefits will slowly start to decline.

Which Are the Best Estrogen Reducer Supplements?

The best estrogen reducer can vary based on your specific goals. Men who want to restore optimal hormone balance could get the best outcome with DIM (diindolylmethane) supplements. Before you decide what’s right for you, you’ll need to determine which outcomes you’d like to achieve.

To recap, our top 3 picks for the best estrogen reducer supplements were:

All in all, any of our picks for the best estrogen reducer supplements should come with benefits for the user. However, if you’re still unsure, it may be a good idea to consult your healthcare provider. They’ll be equipped to test your hormone levels and craft a custom plan to help you successfully meet your end goals.


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