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December, 2007

Volume 9, Issue 4

Athletic Insight Staff - Volume 9, Issue 4
AI Issue Staff

2007 Special Edition:
The Road to the Olympic Games – 2008

Robert Schinke, Ed.D, CSPA
Laurentian Univeristy

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Psychological preparation of athletes for the Olympic context:
The New Zealand Summer and Winter Olympic Teams

Ken Hodge
Mental Skills Trainer for NZ Winter Olympic Team,
University of Otago, New Zealand
Gary Hermansson
Team Psychologist for NZ Summer Olympic Team,
NZ Olympic Committee, New Zealand

The Road to the Olympic Games:
A Four-Year Psychological Preparation Program

Boris Blumenstein
Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sport, Israel
Ronnie Lidor
Wingate Institute, and Faculty of Education, University of Haifa, Israel

Consulting with Olympic Track and Field Hopefuls:
It can’t be this easy … or could it?

Shaun M. Galloway
University of Wolverhampton, UK

The Psychology of Being an Olympic Favorite
Peter Haberl
United States Olympic Committee

The Muscular Ideal:
Psychosocial, Social, and Medical Perspectives

Timothy Baghurst, M.S.
University of Arkansas

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