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June, 2007

Volume 9, Issue 2

Athletic Insight Staff - Volume 9, Issue 2
AI Issue Staff

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Factors Influencing Track and Swimming Coaches’
Intentions to Use Sport Psychology Services

Rebecca A. Zakrajsek & Sam J. Zizzi
West Virginia University

Predicting Athletic Success:
Factors Contributing to the Success of NCAA
Division I AA Collegiate Football Players

Martin Spieler, Daniel R. Czech, A. Barry Joyner, Barry Munkasy
Georgia Southern University
Noah Gentner & J. Long
Ithaca College

The Effect of Inverted Yoga Positions
on Short-term Memory

Sandy Kimbrough, Rick Balkin, and Allison Rancich
Texas A&M University-Commerce

Self-Regulation Skills of a Competitor Type vs. a Training
Champion Athlete in Artistic Roller Skating:
A Season Long Case Study in Elite Sport Competitions

Harald Barkhoff
University of Hawaii at Hilo

Elaine M. Heiby
University of Hawaii at Manoa

Ian S. Pagano
Cancer Research Center of Hawaii

Cartwheels on Ice:
A Phenomenological Exploration of Children’s
Enjoyment in Competitive Figure Skating

Tatiana V. Ryba
The University of British Columbia

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