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March, 2007

Volume 9, Issue 1

Athletic Insight Staff - Volume 9, Issue 1
AI Issue Staff

Robert J. Schinke
Laurentian University

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Cultural Meanings and Motivations for Sport:
A Comparative Case Study of
Soccer Teams in the United States and Malawi

Andrew M. Guest
University of Portland

Function and Preferences of Motivational and Instructional
Self-Talk for Adolescent Basketball Players

Stiliani Chroni, Stefanos Perkos, & Yannis Theodorakis
University of Thessaly, Trikala, Greece

John Rocker and the Media Monster
John Stiles

Solution-Focused Guided Imagery
for a Golfer Experiencing the Yips:
A Case Study

Robert J. Bell
Department of Exercise, Sport, & Leisure Studies
The University of Tennessee
Charles L. Thompson
Dept of Educational Psychology & Counseling
The University of Tennessee

Comparisons of Risky Health Behaviors
between Male and Female
College Athletes and Non-athletes

Mary E. Pritchard, BreeAnn Milligan, Jenna Elgin,
Paul Rush, and Maureen Shea

Boise State University

Spectators’ Perceptions of Momentum and Personal Control: Testing the Antecedents-Consequences Model
Cassandra P. Smisson
Florida State University
Kevin L. Burke
East Tennessee State University
Barry Joyner and Barry A. Munkasy
Georgia Southern University
Lindsey C. Blom
University of Southern Mississippi

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