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Editorial - Summer 2006

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         Welcome to the Summer 2006 edition of Athletic Insight. Having been involved with Athletic Insight for six years, first as a reviewer, then as an associate editor, subsequently as a co-editor, and most recently as editor, I have been witness to the evolution of the journal from its infancy. Initially, the number of submissions was limited in number, and many sport psychology authors were skeptical of the journal’s credibility and longevity. With time, I believe, AI has taken many steps forward, steps outlined within earlier editorials.

         The most recent development within AI is the increased number of interested authors, from a cross-section of interests, regions, and cultures. For each quarterly installment among the last twelve months, there has been an average of 15 submissions, with 12 being accepted for review and 5 being accepted for publication. If this quarter is any indication, submissions will be increasing exponentially in the coming year. In response, AI has increased its rejection rate to above 60% as part of the solution. In addition, we are presently considering the release of an extra installment each year to ensure a reasonable timeline from submission to publication for our contributing authors. The benefit to the reader is the most up to date of submissions from a compliment of excellent authors.

         With the aforementioned changes, our reviewers have carried the brunt of workload, and done so without hesitation. At present we have 23 senior reviewers and 10 junior reviewers, all with a strong capacity to provide constructive and detailed feedback to our contributing authors. The review process thanks to our wonderful staff has stayed within reasonable timelines, often with authors receiving their feedback within a four-week turnaround. As such, Dr. Humara and I would like to thank our review staff and editorial assistant for their ongoing commitment to the journal.

         Onward to the present installment, where you will find 5 excellent contributions. Kevin Burke and colleagues from the United States authored “An Exploratory Investigation of Superstition, Personal Control, Optimism and Pessimism in NCAA Division I Intercollegiate Student Athletes”. Next, Lee Crust from the United Kingdom contributed “Challenging the Myth of a Spiritual Dimension in Sport”. Kelly Doell from Canada and his multinational colleagues also contributed to the present installment with a submission titled “The Process of Performance of Four Track Athletes: A Resonance-Based Perspective”. Next, Rune Høigaard and Rolf Ingvaldsen from Norway contributed “Social Loafing in Interactive Groups: The Effects of Identifiability on Effort and Individual Performance in Floorball”. In addition, this installment features its first research note by Ryan Gelinas and Krista Munroe-Chandler from Canada titled “Psychological Skills for Successful Ice Hockey Players”.

         As you comb through the abovementioned articles, you will find that each offers the reader a balance of theory and applied relevance, in keeping with Athletic Insight’s mandate. As such, on behalf of our staff, we welcome you to read through the present installment and those before it in your pursuit of applied sport psychology knowledge. In the meantime, we welcome your comments and look forward to an excellent compliment of international invited authors as part of the forthcoming third annual special edition – stay tuned.

Robert Schinke

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