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June, 2006

Volume 8, Issue 2

Athletic Insight Staff - Volume 8, Issue 2
AI Issue Staff


An Exploratory Investigation of Superstition, Personal
Control, Optimism and Pessimism in NCAA Division I
Intercollegiate Student-Athletes
Kevin L. Burke
East Tennessee State University
Daniel R. Czech, Jennifer L. Knight, Lisa A. Scott, A. Barry Joyner,
Steven G. Benton, and H. Keith Roughton
Georgia Southern University

Challenging the ‘Myth’ of a Spiritual Dimension in Sport
Lee Crust
York St. John College

The process of performance of four track athletes:
A resonance-based intervention
Kelly Doell & Natalie Durand-Bush
University of Ottawa
Doug Newburg
University of Virginia

Social Loafing in Interactive Groups:
The Effects of Identifiability on Effort and Individual
Performance in Floorball
Rune Høigaard
Agder University College
Rolf P. Ingvaldsen
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Psychological Skills for Successful Ice Hockey Goaltenders
Ryan Gelinas & Krista Munroe-Chandler
The University of Windsor

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