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March, 2006

Volume 8, Issue 1

Athletic Insight Staff - Volume 8, Issue 1
AI Issue Staff


A Review of Psychological Momentum in Sports:
Why qualitative research is needed
Lee Crust and Mark Nesti
York St. John College

Using A Direct Observation Approach To Study
Aggressive Behaviour In Hockey:
Some Preliminary Findings
Chris Gee
University of Toronto
Philip Sullivan
Brock University

The Relationship between Gender, Type of Sport,
Body Dissatisfaction, Self Esteem and Disordered Eating Behaviors in Division I Athletes
BreeAnn Milligan
Mary Pritchard
Boise State University

Referral Practices:
Are Sport Psychology Consultants Out of Their League?
Amy M. Gayman
University of Toronto
Jane Crossman
Lakehead University

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