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December, 2005

Volume 7, Issue4

Athletic Insight Staff - Volume 7, Issue 4
AI Issue Staff


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Bias in the Portrayal of Sex and Race in
Photographs from Undergraduate Sport Psychology Texts
Michelle M. Dionne and Patrizia Albanese
Ryerson University

Sources of Stress in NCAA Division I
Women Ice Hockey Players
Tracy L. Heller
Florida State University
Gordon A. Bloom, Graham I. Neil
McGill University
John H. Salmela
Federal University of Minas Gerais

The Use of Prayer in Sport:
Implications for Sport Psychology Consulting
Nick J. Watson
York St John College, England
Daniel R. Czech
Georgia Southern University, USA

The Relationship of Self-Esteem and Body Satisfaction to
Exercise Activity for Male and Female
Elementary School, High School, and University Students
Jackie Frost and Stuart J. McKelvie
Department of Psychology, Bishop's University

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