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March, 2004

Volume 6, Issue 1

Athletic Insight Staff - 

Volume 6, Issue 1
AI Issue Staff

Advances in Motivation in Sport and Exercise

Glyn Roberts

Sports Psychology for Everyone!

Mental Skills Training For Sports:
A Brief Review

Luke Behncke

RMIT University

The Golfer-Caddie Partnership:
An Exploratory Investigation
Into the Role of the Caddie

David Lavallee
Loughborough University
David Bruce
University of Queensland
Trish Gorely
Loughborough University

Evidence for a Relationship Between
Attentional Styles and Effective Cognitive
Strategies During Performance

Timothy Baghurst
University of Wales
Guillaume Thierry
University of Wales
Tim Holder
University College Chichester

The Influence of an Imagery Workshop on
Athletesí Use of Imagery

Jennifer Cumming
University of Birmingham
Craig Hall
University of Western Ontario
Chris Shambrook
HeadStart Performance Consultants

Differences in Self-concept, Body-concept,
and Mood Between Training Champion and
Competitor Type Athletes in Artistic
Roller and Figure Skating

Harald Barkhoff
Universitšt Stuttgart
Elaine M. Heiby
University of Hawaii

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