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December, 2003

Volume 5, Issue 4

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Volume 5, Issue 4
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Letters to the Editor

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The Breakout Principle

Herbert Benson & William Proctor

The Freshman Experience:
High Stress – Low Grades

Z. Papanikolaou, D. Nikolaidis, A. Patsiaouras
and P. Alexopoulos

University of Thessaly

Sports Psychology for Everyone!

Impact of a Brief Workshop on Stages of Change Profiles in Athletes
Samuel J. Zizzi
West Virginia University
Frank M. Perna
Boston University

A Prospective Analysis Of Self-Determined
Sport Motivation
And Sportspersonship Orientations

Yves Chantal & Iouri Bernache-Assollant
Université de Limoges

Timing In Sports Performance:
Psychophysiological Analysis Of Technique In
Male And Female Athletes

Leif Janson (Karlstad University), Trevor Archer (Göteborg University), & Torsten Norlander (Karlstad University)

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