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         Thank you for visiting our third issue of Athletic Insight. We also would like to thank the following individuals that we recently added to our list of peer reviewers - Shaun Galloway, Danelle Kabush, Jay Mills, and Mike Voight. It is thank to the efforts of our staff that we are able to bring you quality research in the field of sport psychology. If you are interested in joining our staff please visit our Editorial Mission section for a list of duties and responsibilities.

         The current issue sees the return of several sections. First off is our Letters to the Editor section in which members of our staff respond to reader's questions. We have expanded this section and we hope that you drop us a line with your questions. The featured book for this issue is Kay Porter’s “The Mental Athlete.” This is an invaluable book for many athletes who are looking for practical advice on how to strengthen their mental game. Two of our articles in this issue are devoted to the topic of college basketball. First is “A Season Long Case Study Investigation of Collective Efficacy In Male Intercollegiate Basketball” by David MacLean and Philip Sullivan. This article examines the relationship between the teams self-efficacy and its relationship with winning. The other basketball article considers the role that fans can play in the performance of athletes - Spectators’ Perceptions of Positive Momentum While Attending NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Regular Season Contests: Exploring the Antecedents-Consequences Model” (Kevin L. Burke, Mark W. Aoyagi, A. Barry Joyner, and Michelle M. Burke). One other empirical investigation is included - “Extraversion and Neuroticism in Contact Athletes, No Contact Athletes and Non-athletes: A Research Note.” In it, Stuart J. McKelvie, Patrice Lemieux, and Dale Stout found that people higher in extraversion and lower in neuroticism are attracted to university sports. As always, the Call for Papers and Staff highlights our continuing search for more individuals to fill positions as authors and peer reviewers. Finally, a Classifieds section listing job opportunities within the field of sport psychology is also included.

         We are always looking for ways to improve our journal and discuss all suggestions among the Editorial staff. In addition, we encourage our readers and other interested parties to submit their articles and opinions for consideration in our publication. At AI we strive to present opposing points of view and critical analysis of the information that we present and therefore look forward to your comments and feedback on the information that is in the journal. Authors should visit our Editorial Mission for the submissions procedure.

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