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         Thank you for visiting the second issue of AthleticInsight's fifth year. The journal conitunes to grow and so do the number of submissions that we receive. This has increased our production schedule to four times per year. However, this has also created additional work for our staff since all submitted articles undergo a peer review process, with almost 50% of the articles that are submitted being rejected due to methodological flaws or content problems. Therefore, we would like to welcome our new Associate Editor (Dr. Robert Schinke) and Peer Reviewers (Mario Garcia and Brandon Pleaner). We thank them in advance for their efforts. It is thanks to our staff that we maintain our stringent publication standards. If you are interested in joining our staff please visit our Editorial Mission section for a list of duties and responsibilities.

         The current issue sees the return of several sections. First off is our Letters to the Editor section in which members of our staff respond to reader's questions. We hope to expand this section so feel free to drop us a line and one of our sport psychologists is sure to respond. Also back is our Commentary section which contains Mitch Lyons' "Still Changing The Paradigm Of Sports Teams From Verbal To Written In High Schools". It provides preliminary results from the institution of a high-school based sport psychology curriculum in Newton, Massachusetts. The entry for our Featured Books section for this issue is entitled "Foundations of Sport & Exercise Psychology - 3rd Edition" (Robert Weinberg and Daniel Gould). This updated textbook offers many advances for educators and students. Next is a review of the literature by Beth Jacobson called "The Social Psychology of the Creation of a Sports Fan Identity: A Theoretical Review of the Literature." It examines fan development from the perspective of identity theory. Zissis Papanikolaou and Asterios Patsiaouras' article "Construct Study: Power in Sports" defines and explains the construct of Power in Sports using Fiske's 1971 theoretical framework. IN addition an empirical article is included entitled "The Use of Imagery in Climbing" by Jean Boyd and Krista J. Munroe. This study examined the extent to which beginner and advanced climbers used the five functions of imagery as well as how climbers’ use of imagery differed from track and field athletes. As always, the Call for Papers and Staff highlights our continuing search for more individuals to fill positions as authors and peer reviewers. Finally, a Classifieds section listing job opportunities within the field of sport psychology is also included.

         We are always looking for ways to improve our journal and discuss all suggestions among the Editorial staff. In addition, we encourage our readers and other interested parties to submit their articles and opinions for consideration in our publication. At AI we strive to present opposing points of view and critical analysis of the information that we present and therefore look forward to your comments and feedback on the information that is in the journal. Authors should visit our Editorial Mission for the submissions procedure.

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Miguel Humara, Ph.D.

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