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         Welcome to Athletic Insight's first issue of our fifth year. The journal and the site continue to grow and so does our ranking among search engines. We have increased our production to a quarterly basis in order to accommodate the large number of submission which we currently receive. Although we are publishing more frequently, we still have managed to maintain our stringent standards. All submitted articles undergo a peer review process, with almost 50% of the articles that are submitted being rejected due to methodological flaws or content problems. We have made a commitment to present you, our readers, with the best research in the field.

         The current issue is our largest ever. The first article is in our Case Studies section and it is called "Coping in Professional Sport: A Case Study of an Experienced Cricket Player" by Nicholas L. Holt. It discusses the strategies that a professional cricket player uses to cope with the day to day problems typical of a professional athlete. Next is another entry into our Assessment section, "Coaching Efficacy As Indicators Of Coach Education Program Needs" written by Lena Fung. This article highlights the need for appropriate assessment of coaches at the high-school level in order to develop a training program that meets their needs. Next is an empirical investigation called "Shy Skaters? Shyness, Coping, and Adjustment Outcomes in Female Adolescent Figure Skaters". In it, Kavita Prakash and Robert J. Coplan, discuss the impact that shyness can have on physiological arousal, self-esteem, and athletic performance. Willie F. Elman and Stuart J. McKelvie examine the narcissism construct among college students in "Narcissism in Football Players: Stereotype or Reality?" This unique study looks at athlete and non-athlete perceptions of narcissism as well as it's actual presence in the sample of athletes. Our last empirical article is called "Female Athletes: Being both Athletic and Feminine by W. Stephen Royce, Janet L. Gebelt, and Robert W. Duff. In this paper, the presence of and underlying reasons for the stereotype that female athletes are less feminine is examined. The Featured Book for this issue is Motivating People to Be Physically Active by Bess Marcus and LeighAnn Forsyth. It is an essential resource for health professionals who want to improve their effectiveness as they plan, develop, implement, and evaluate physical activity programs. As always, the Call for Papers and Staff highlights our continuing search for more individuals to fill positions as authors and peer reviewers. Finally, a Classifieds section listing job opportunities within the field of sport psychology is also included.

         We are always looking for ways to improve our journal and discuss all suggestions among the Editorial staff. In addition, we encourage our readers and other interested parties to submit their articles and opinions for consideration in our publication. At AI we strive to present opposing points of view and critical analysis of the information that we present and therefore look forward to your comments and feedback on the information that is in the journal. Authors should visit our Editorial Mission for the submissions procedure.

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Miguel Humara, Ph.D.

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