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March, 2003

Volume 5, Issue 1

Athletic Insight Staff - 
Volume 5, Issue 1
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Motivating People to Be Physically Active

Bess Marcus and LeighAnn Forsyth

Sports Psychology for Everyone!

Coping in Professional Sport:
A Case Study of an Experienced Cricket Player

Nicholas L. Holt
Leeds Metropolitan University

Coaching Efficacy As Indicators
Of Coach Education Program Needs

Lena Fung, Ph.D.
Department of Physical Education
Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong, SAR

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Shy Skaters?
Shyness, Coping, and Adjustment Outcomes
in Female Adolescent Figure Skaters

Kavita Prakash and Robert J. Coplan
Carleton University

Narcissism in Football Players:
Stereotype or Reality?

Willie F. Elman and Stuart J. McKelvie
Department of Psychology
Bishop's University

Female Athletes:
Being both Athletic and Feminine

W. Stephen Royce, Janet L. Gebelt, & Robert W. Duff
University of Portland

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