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         Welcome to Athletic Insight's third and final issue of our fourth year. The journal and the site continue to grow and so does our ranking among search engines. In large part this is due to our willingness to consider feedback from our readers. Since the time of the last issue there have been several important developments.

         First, you will notice that our Back Issues section has changed dramatically. Not only are all the articles in a particular list presented, a brief description for each is given. It is our hope that this will facilitate you navigation of the site. Also, we have decided to increase our production schedule and will be coming out with new issues on a quarterly basis. This is due to the increase in submitted manuscripts over the course of the past nine months. Although we will be coming out more frequently, we lose the ability to put together issues on special topics such as "Feedback and Coaching," "Children and Sports,": or "Playing in the Zone." Articles from a variety of subject areas will be presented. As a result, we will develop special section such as Case Studies, or Assessment as descriptors for each of the articles to further facilitate your navigation of the site.

         The current issue is one of our largest ever. The first article is in our Case Studies section and it is called "Understanding and Refining the Resilience of Elite Athletes: An Intervention Strategy" by Robert J. Schinke, and Wendy C. Jerome. It describes an intervention done with a Canadian national Teams to increase their resilience and thus improve performance. Preliminary results of this longitudinal study are presented. Next is our first entry into our assessment section "Assessing The Potential For Alcohol-Related Issues Among College Student-Athletes" by Joshua C. Watson. It discusses the identification and treatment of alcohol use and abuse problems within college student athletes. Next is an empirical investigation called "Participation Motives in Leisure Center Physical Activities" by Elianne M. Trembath, Attila Szabo, and Michael J. Baxter. This article examines differences in athletic participation at a recreational center based on the time of day. The next empirical study that is presented is "Self-reported Hostile Aggression in Contact Athletes, No Contact Athletes and Non-athletes" by Patrice Lemieux, Stuart J. McKelvie and Dale Stout. As its name implies, it examines differences in aggression among the different groups. Finally, James Lowther and Andrew Lane's submission "Relationships Between Mood, Cohesion And Satisfaction With Performance Among Soccer Players" empirically examines how mood states are affected by team cohesion. As always, the Call for Papers and Staff highlights our continuing search for more individuals to fill positions as authors and peer reviewers. Finally, a Classifieds section listing job opportunities within the field of sport psychology is also included.

         We are always looking for ways to improve our journal and discuss all suggestions among the Editorial staff. In addition, we encourage our readers and other interested parties to submit their articles and opinions for consideration in our publication. At AI we strive to present opposing points of view and critical analysis of the information that we present and therefore look forward to your comments and feedback on the information that is in the journal. Authors should visit our Editorial Mission for the submissions procedure.

         Thank you for your continued patronage to Athletic Insight - The Online Journal of Sport Psychology. Please be sure to visit our sponsors to help keep this site FREE. We hope that you continue to visit our site and spread the word to your friends and colleagues.

Miguel Humara, Ph.D.

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