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Advances in Sport Psychology-2nd Edition

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Advances in Sport Psychology
2nd Edition

Thelma Horn, Editor
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      The second edition of the popular Advances in Sport Psychology provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date review of the major trends in sport psychology. With four new chapters on self-perceptions, moral reasoning levels, athletic injury, and flow and peak performance, the text is much more than an overview of other resources. It is an in-depth compilation that assists students and professionals in thoroughly comprehending the current research in sport psychology.

      Editor Thelma Horn, PhD, builds on classic theories of sport psychology presented in the first edition, synthesizing current research with older philosophies. With the editorial contributions of 28 prolific researchers and scholars in the field, the text pushes at the boundaries that have defined sport psychology since its inception. The new edition emphasizes future research directions, giving readers, students, and researchers alike an early look at the questions to be tackled in coming years. It is thorough in its presentation of the research, which allows students and researchers to build on the theories presented in the text.

      The updated text reviews personality, motivation, anxiety and performance, and goal setting in sports. While addressing research issues, it takes an in-depth look at the individual difference factors that affect behavior in sport and physical activity contexts. The four-part text features the following:

      Part I - Introduction to Sport Psychology provides a comprehensive overview of the field, including definitions, history, research paradigms, and research methodologies.

Chapter 1. The Nature of Sport Psychology
Chapter 2. A Critical Analysis of Knowledge Construction in Sport Psychology

      Part II - Individual Differences and Sport Behavior examines the characteristics of individuals that affect their behavior in sport and physical activity contexts.

Chapter 3. Personality and Sport Behavior
Chapter 4. Self-Perceptions and Sport Behavior
Chapter 5. Motivational Orientations and Sport Behavior
Chapter 6. Self-Efficacy and Attributional Processes in Physical Activity
Chapter 7. Arousal-Anxiety and Sport Behavior
Chapter 8. Moral Development in Sport: Theory, Research, and Intervention

      Part III - Socioenvironmental Issues, Sociocultural Issues, and Sport Behavior discusses various factors in the social environment that impinge on participants' behaviors.

Chapter 9. Group Dynamics in Sport
Chapter 10. Coaching Effectiveness in the Sport Domain
Chapter 11. Gender and Sport Behavior
Chapter 12. Socialization Processes and Sport Behavior

      Part IV - Psychological Skills, Intervention Techniques, and Sport Behavior examines the research and theory behind selected intervention techniques that have been used to enhance athletic performance or modify participants' behavior.

Chapter 13. The Use of Imagery in Sport
Chapter 14. Attentional Processes and Athletic Performance
Chapter 15. The Jekyll/Hyde Nature of Goals: Revisiting and Updating Goal-Setting in Sport
Chapter 16. Optimal Experience in Sport: A Flow Perspective
Chapter 17. Athletic Injury and Sport Behavior

      Advances in Sport Psychology (Second Edition) clearly and thoroughly reflects the theoretical and empirical advances that have occurred in sport psychology in the past decade. Returning and new readers will find the most significant current topics in sport psychology research compiled in one place, allowing them to see what the field has and has not accomplished. The new edition is a must-have reference for professionals in the field, and it makes an ideal text for graduate-level sport psychology courses.

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