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August, 2002

Volume 4, Issue 2

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Volume 4, Issue 2
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Thelma Horn, Editor

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Dysphoria, Linking, And Pre-Competitive Anxiety In Triathletes
Grant Schofield, Geoff Dickson, Kerry Mummery
Central Queensland University, Australia
Helen Street
The University of Western Australia, Australia

Contrasting Concepts of Competitive State-Anxiety in Sport:
Multidimensional Anxiety and Catastrophe Theories.
Ivan M. McNally
University Of Central Lancashire
Preston, United Kingdom

Self-Efficacy And Psychological Skills
During The Amputee Soccer World Cup

James Lowther
Wimbledon Football Club
Selhurst Park Stadium

Andrew Lane & Helen Lane
School of Sport, Performing Arts, and Leisure
University of Wolverhampton

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