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       Welcome to Athletic Insight's first issue of the new year. Since the time of our last publication, the journal's growth has slowed somewhat. We attribute this to the stringent standards that are used to select articles appropriate for publication in our journal by our Editors and Peer Reviewers. As a matter of fact, of the three articles that were reviewed for this issue, only one was approved for publication after it had undergone revisions. At Athletic Insight, we strive to present quality information on topics in the field of sport psychology. As such, it is sometimes necessary to delay publication due to a lack of this information. The Editorial Board has asked me to stress the importance of presenting quality information in order to maintain our reputation as the leading internet publication in the field of sport psychology. At Athletic Insight, we will NOT present information that is not been based on empirical evidence and/or previous research in the field. We encourage our readers and other interested parties to submit their articles for consideration in our publication. Authors should visit our Editorial Mission for the submissions procedure.

       Perhaps the brightest news since the time of our last publication, is the addition of Athletic Insight to the Sports Information Resource Center (SIRC). SIRC is a database of articles that have been written in the field of athletic research, similar to PsycLit. The addition of abstracts from our articles to this database can only help to expand the readership of Athletic Insight.

       The current issue focuses on issues that might interfere with peak performances. The Letters to the Editor section focuses on commentary by our readers on an empirical article included in our last issue as well as psychotropic medication and performance declines. An extensive updated commentary piece entitled "In the Zone: A Biobehavioral Theory of the Flow Experience" by Arthur J. Marr of Benecom Technologies in New Orleans, Louisiana is also included. It discusses the phenomenon of the Zone from a bio-behavioral point of view. One blind peer reviewed article is presented. It is entitled "Reflective Coaching Interventions for Athletic Excellence" and is written by Robert J. Schinke, Ed.D. and Joy Tabakman, M.S.W. of Ontario, Canada. It provides a framework for psychologists who work with athletes and the pitfalls that often accompany this work. The Call for Papers and Staff highlights our search for more individuals to fill positions as authors and peer reviewers. Finally, an extensive Classifieds section listing job opportunities within the field of sport psychology is also included. At AI we strive to present opposing points of view and critical analysis of the information that we present and therefore look forward to your comments and feedback on the information that we present.

       Thank you for your continued patronage to Athletic Insight - The Online Journal of Sport Psychology. We hope that you continue to visit our site and spread the word to your friends and colleagues.

Miguel Humara

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