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Hey All,
I have a question. Where are you getting your articles from? I am interested in learning about the researchers - where they study, athletic background, affiliations, etc. I'm not questioning the research, I want to know where they are or whom are the employed by.

Barry T.

Dear Barry T.:
       Thanks for you recent question to Athletic Insight - The Online Journal of Sport Psychology. Our articles are submitted by individuals in the field which are then reviewed by peers to ensure that they are appropriate for publication. We then decide whether to accept or reject the article. If we accept it, we usually make some recommendations for changes and then publish it.
       Usually we list the affiliation of authors with the work that they publish. In the future we are looking to create a link to an online resume for the individual, but this will not happen for several months.
       Thanks for your interest in Athletic Insight.

Miguel Humara

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