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       Welcome to the third issue of Athletic Insight - The Online Journal of Sport Psychology. We have seen considerable growth over the past couple of months and have stepped up production in order to meet public demands.  The first few issues were produced as quarterly publications and we will now start to produce new issues every two months.  It is our hope to continue to produce high quality information on a variety of topics relating to the field of exercise and sport psychology.  If the journal continues to grow at the rate which it is currently, we will examine the possibility of turning the publication into a monthly event.
       In the last two months, we have accomplished a great deal.  We are proud to offer a subscription service that comes at no cost to the consumer at this time.  Individuals who choose to subscribe will be notified by e-mail of the posting of new issues as they become available.  In addition, we were recently reviewed by Mental Health Net and awarded a two star rating.  Although this rating identifies us as providing basic information, we expect that future reviews will lead to higher ratings as we continue to post new issues.  We have also increased the amount of advertising in the journal.  Your continued patronage to these advertisers will help to keep Athletic Insight as a free web site.
       Since the release of the second issue, three new areas have been included with the new issue.  A commentary section has been added.  This section creates a forum for critique of articles that are posted.  Previously this was accomplished through the Letters to the Editor section; but, this new section allows for more in depth examination of the issues that are presented.  Submissions for this section are welcome from all parties.  In addition, a classifieds section has been created for each journal.  This section provides a listing of current job postings in the field of sport and exercise psychology that have been found on the internet and through a variety of other sources.  Finally, a Call for Papers and Staff section has been added to journal that replaces the Future Issues section of the site.  This is being done in order to try and maintain the magazine style format that Athletic Insight has established.
       In the next couple of months, we will continue to make more changes to the journal.  First, we will be changing the guidelines for submission and Athletic Insight will become a refereed journal.  Traditionally, this switch has resulted in a lengthy delay between submission and publication.  However, given the speed of electronic transmissions, we still feel that the turn-around time from submission to feedback from reviewers will still allow authors to make suggested changes with sufficient time for speedy publication.  We are also in the process of negotiations to associate ourselves with a network of sport related services.  This will help to increase our readership and increase public awareness of the benefits of sport psychology services.
        The current issue focuses on the concept of "the zone," otherwise known as flow states, in a variety of different sports.  Articles are presented focusing on this concept with different sports including bicycle riding, golf and tennis.  In addition, an empirical investigation of the similarities and differences in "the zone" among elite tennis players and athletes from other sports.  We hope that you enjoy the articles and look forward to your feedback.

       Thank you for your continued patronage to Athletic Insight - The Online Journal of Sport Psychology.  We hope that you continue to visit our site and spread the word.

Miguel Humara

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