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       Welcome to the second issue of Athletic Insight - The Online Journal of Sport Psychology.  Over the course of the past several months we have received a considerable amount of feedback from our readers and interested parties.  Sport Psychology as a field is growing at a tremendous rate.  Recent research indicates that the three areas that are most frequently asked about relating to the field of psychology are as follows:  clinical psychology, forensic psychology, and sport psychology.  Clearly the field is growing and so is our online journal.  A recent article published in the September issue of the American Psychological Association's monthly newspaper, The Monitor, by B. Azar indicated that the Internet has become the fastest way for scientist to share research and debate on scholarly topics.  Indeed, we live in a society were speed of information dissemination has become of utmost importance.  Athletic Insight has become a venue that is filling this niche within the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology.

       Athletic Insight has been growing since the time of its first posting in June of this year.  We have added several new editors and readers to our journal in order to improve the quality of the material that is published.  There are still some positions that are left so if you are interested you should contact us.  In addition, we have started to receive manuscripts for publication and are always willing to look at any manuscript. We have also changed the look of the journal in order to facilitate navigation and have added several important sections.  First, the Links section has been expanded and reorganized into two sections: organizations and services.  Second, a Conferences section has been developed in order to provide readers with another important resource for furthering knowledge and further dissemination of ideas.  Finally, a Recommended Books section has been added in association with for individuals who are looking for more in depth knowledge of topics not covered in the journal.  This section is divided for ease of navigation into sections for professionals and students, self-help, and education.  Your patronage to this section helps to provide the revenue necessary to keep this journal up and running.

       The future of Athletic Insight holds many new developments.  We hope to add a Sport Psychology In the News section.  This area will focus on the many roles that sport psychologists fill within the community at large.  In addition, we hope to add a Commentary section that will be published separately from the Letters to the Editor section that is included with every issue.  This section is intended to be a forum for feedback on the articles that are published in the journal.  Both professional and Non-professional opinions are welcome.  Finally, we are in the process of developing a subscription database so that interested parties can be notified of publication of new information.  This service will be free.  

       We thank you for your patronage and hope that you continue to visit Athletic Insight - The Online Journal of Sport Psychology.

Miguel Humara
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