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Summer, 2012

Volume 14,
Issue 2

Athletic Insight Staff - Volume 14, Issue 2
AI Issue Staff

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Time, Money, and Support:
Student-Athletes’ Transition to High Achievement Sport

Sverker Bengtsson
Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden
Urban Johnson
Halmstad University, Halmstad, Sweden

The Role of Superstition Among Professional
Footballers in Ghana

Patrick Kwaku Ofori
Aberwystwyth University, UK
Stuart Biddle
Loughborough University, UK
David Lavallee
Aberystwyth University, UK

Performance Enhancement and Stress Reduction Using
Biofeedback With Women Collegiate Volleyball Players

Cindy J. Tanis, Ph.D. A.T.C.
Azusa Pacific University

Measuring Motivation for Physical Activity:
An Exploratory Study of PALMS –
The Physical Activity and Leisure Motivation Scale

Sima Zach
Zinman College of Physical Education & Sport Sciences at the Wingate Institute, Netanya, Isreal
Michael Bar-Eli
Guilford Glazer School of Business and Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel
Tony Morris, and Melissa Moore
Institute for Sport, Exercise and Active Living and School of Sport and Exercise Science, Victoria University, Melbourne Australia

Shreds of Memory:
A First-Person Narrative of Sexual Acquaintance-
Exploitation in a Youth Sport Experience

Lars Dzikus
The University of Tennessee

Exploring Flow Occurrence in Elite Golf
Christian Swann, Richard Keegan, David Piggott,
Lee Crust, and Mark F. Smith

University of Lincoln, UK

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