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A comparison of psychosocial and orthopedic
data in injured college athletes:
novel application of hurdle regression

Jeremy Sibold Ed.D, ATC† and Alan Howard, MS
University of Vermont


Samuel Zizzi, Ed.D
West Virginia University

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It was the purpose of this study to determine the influence of psychosocial mediators and baseline orthopedic data on injury in college athletes.. We hypothesized that athletes with high life stress, competitive anxiety, and high orthopedic screening scores would incur more days missed due to injury.. Hurdle regression analysis (HRA) was used to determine the influence of predictor variables on days missed due to injury in a sample of NCAA division II college athletes (n=177). Somatic anxiety (p=0.029), negative live stress (p=0.010), positive life stress (p<0.001), and orthopedic risk score (p=0.012) predicted days missed due to injury. These findings support previous research on the stress-injury relationship. The use of HRA advances this area in the injury literature as it accounts for over dispersion and unobserved heterogeneity in the sample.

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