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March, 2008

Volume 10, Issue 1

Athletic Insight Staff - Volume 10, Issue 1
AI Issue Staff

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The Effects of Cognitive and Relaxation Interventions on
Injured Athletesí Mood and Pain during Rehabilitation

Airi Naoi, Ed.D.
Kinki University
Andy Ostrow, Ph.D.
West Virginia University

Testing the Relationship Between a
Cognitive Ability Test and Player Success:
The National Football League Case

Arthur J. Adams & Frank E. Kuzmits
University of Louisville, USA

Perceptions of Female Athletes Based on
Observer Characteristics

Amanda R. Hoiness, Bart L. Weathington, and Abigail L. Cotrell
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Series Sweeps in Competitive Situations:
The Line between Can and Canít

Brian J. OíLeary, Holly A. Vande Walle,
and Bart L. Weathington

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

The Student-Athlete Model and the Socialization
of Intercollegiate Athletes

Jonathan Marx, Scott Huffmon,
and Andrew Doyle

Winthrop University

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