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         It has been one decade since the inception of Athletic Insight. AI began as the brainchild of Dr. Miguel Humara while he was engaged in doctoral studies. Miguel's belief was that peer reviewed sport psychology journals should be accessible through online means to aspiring and established sport and exercise psychology researchers and practitioners. Early feedback to the journal from several authors was that a hardcopy format would allow potential contributors and the academy to take Athletic Insight more seriously.

         Over the course of 11 years, AI has grown in popularity. Visitors to the website have numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Many readers have also sent the editorial staff letters of support, and also questions regarding the domain. With time the staff has changed, and also, our review staff has broadened considerably. For example, our staff presently has reviewers from North America, Europe, and Asia. Previously, there were also reviewers from Central America and Africa. The intent through our reviewer staff is to encourage international representation within AI's compliment as much as we can.

         Submissions to Athletic Insight continue to increase, not only in numbers, but also in representation. Manuscripts are received and accepted from a wide number of countries, reflecting the growing interest in sport and exercise psychology worldwide. Our reviewers and editorial staff are aware of the many perspectives and approaches to the domain as evidenced through submissions.

         Recently, the managing directors of Athletic Insight were approached by Nova Science Publishers to produce our installments in hard copy version. Though the web access to AI will continue, the intent through a hard copy version of the journal is to push AI forward as an even more creditable outlet for scholars and practitioners alike. Ongoing will be our commitment to research, and also conceptual and applied submissions of the highest standard.

         Moving forward into 2009, we would like to thank Frank Columbus and Nova Science for their support of Athletic Insight. Not to be forgotten also are the associate editors Mary Pritchard, Emily Roper, and Sandy Kimbrough, our review staff, and the contributors who make Athletic Insight possible and popular.

         Best wishes in 2009.

Robert J. Schinke, Ed.D, CSPA
Editor and Co-Manager
Athletic Insight

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