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       For additional information on sport psychology, we suggest that you sign up on one of the following lists. These lists (unless otherwise noted) are specifically for the posting of information, issues, questions, and findings concerning (a) research in sport and exercise psychology, and (b) professional practice issues in sport and exercise psychology. Once you join the lists you will receive e-mails regularly about the two topics mentioned above and will be able to post your own messages to others who subscribe to the list. Appropriate postings include (a) and (b) mentioned above. Examples of inappropriate postings are as follows are "Did you see the big game last night?" or "Why do you think Joe Blow choked?" Private conversations with other list members after a message has been posted should be addressed to the individual who posted the message. Below are some general pointers about these lists:

  1. In order to join and receive postings from other list members, it is necessary to send an e-mail to the Listserv Address.

  2. To post a message which will be sent to all the subscribers of a list it is necessary to send an e-mail to the List Address. DO NOT send requests for a subscription to the List Address since it will be sent to all of the members that subscribe to a list (a serious breach of list etiquette).

  3. Generally speaking, it is first necessary to join a list before you can post a message to the list.

  4. The following are some basic commands that are used to communicate with the majority of mailing lists:



Listserv Address

List Address

sportpsy Sport Psychology mailing list [email protected] [email protected]
DIV47 APA Division 47 mailing list [email protected] [email protected]

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