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       Welcome to Athletic Insight - The Online Journal of Sport Psychology. Over the past several years, both coaches and athletes have started to realize that strength, speed and other athletic skills are not sufficient for the production of championship athletes. Athletic performance has three parts: physical preparation, technical skill, and psychological readiness. This model suggests that if any of the above areas are neglected, athletic performance will decline. However, psychological preparation is the component that is most often neglected by athletes and coaches alike.

       Since we first started the journal over 10 years ago, the field has grown tremendously and it is increasingly more and more common to see psychologists working in sports. The purpose of this site is to provide a forum for discussion of topics that are relevant to the field of sport psychology through publications in the spring and fall as well as a special edition with contributions from some of the top names in the field every December. The subjects that will be covered include theory, research and practice of sport psychology as well as social issues related to the field of athletics.

       Over the past decade, the research that is available to students and practitioners has also grown, in part because of our contribution. Thanks to the efforts of our editors, peer reviewers, authors and you our loyal readers we have become a staple of academic and applied sport psychology. The rigors of producing a journal on a regular basis have taken a toll and they necessitate that we move forward in order to continue to remain a viable outlet for research in the field.

       In order to allow us to do this, we recently partnered with Nova Science Publishing. We will continue to provide information electronically by providing abstracts for all articles and a full length feature from each installment. Complete articles will be available through our partnership with Nova Science Publishing as a complete issue. We thank you for your continuing support and look forward to providing you with many years of continuing cutting edge research in the field of sport psychology.

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